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Toro 4s size 8-$170
Cav 4s size 8-$170
Thunder 4s size 8.5-$160
Green 4s size 8-$150
Military 4s size 8.5-$140
Infrared 11s DS size 8.5-$200
Black/blue nikes DS size 8-$50
Grey forces size 8-&40
Navy blue nikes size 8.5-$40
Red nikes size 8-&40
Powder blue 3s (NP) size 8-$150
Prices Are Firm

Will Only Trade For Jordan 5’s

For those of you who saw my post about this big guy. He was found in a puddle on the side of the road. Shoulder is broken due to a car hitting him. But he is returned to my cousin. Hopefully surgery can get him back to his normal self :(

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